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Angels In My Heart


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" Angel's In My Heart Forum "

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Brittany Hargest Collage
Made by and Credited to : Libby Easely ...Thanx's so much...Libby!!!!!

Libby Hodges Collage!!!
Made by and Credited to : Libby Easley ....Thanx's so much Libby!!!!!

Lesley Moore Collage!!!!
Made by and Credited to : Libby Easley ....Thanx's so much ...Libby!!!!!

Jump5 Poem
written by : Chelsea Harris
" Jump for the joy "
"Jump for the grace "
" Jump5 does it at a easy pace "
" Spinnin around again and again "
" They sing about God , not about men "
" Five teens doind the groove "
" While busting out dance moves "
" Lesley , Brittany , Libby , Brandon , & Chris "
" What they do is not a risk "