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Angels In My Heart


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Here's a chance for you to contribute.

Chris,Lesley,Brandon,Libby n Brit chillin
Jump5 @ the Virgin Megastores on Oct. 7th!!!!

What I love about the web is the opportunity to share my thoughts and passions with others. But I also like to hear what others think and to exchange ideas.

On this page, I'll share some of the comments I've received in my Guestbook and via e-mail. In some cases, I may also respond to the comments. Please get in touch!

Brandon n Libby !!!!!( I think that is Libby)
Aww........Whoever that is giving Brandon a peck.....That's so sweet!!!!

Brit and Lesley giving 'the pout look '
Brit and Lesley are so crzy!!!!!LOL!!!!!

Brandon Hargest
" One of the ' Angel's in my heart ' "!!!!!!!